Fire Science Interpretive Signs: Bridgestone/Firestone - Oak Fire Science

Bridgestone/Firestone Demonstration Area

The Bridgestone/Firestone Wildlife Management Area is located on the Cumberland Plateau in White County, Tennessee. This fire science demonstration site shows the effects of fire frequency and season of burning (timing) on the plant community.

Prior to settlement, regional landscapes there included grasslands, savannah, and woodlands which burned regularly. Fire suppression by the mid-1900s allowed forests to fill the region. During the late 1900s, the 156-acre demonstration area was a loblolly pine plantation with little herbaceous growth in the understory.

Prescribed burning began in 2000 after the loblolly harvest. No seeding or planting has occurred since designation of the demonstration area in 2011, but more than 200 plant species have been identified there, many of which are valuable to native pollinators and some are rare and important plants.

A self-guided interpretive trail traverses the seven different prescribed fire management units, showing fire effects on the various plant communities, and offering land managers insights on how to manage for particular ecosystems, such as an oak/pine savanna, or for certain wildlife species.

Sign Location Latitude/Longitude: 35.88,-85.27
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