Research Briefs

Delayed Tree Mortality After Prescribed Fires in Mixed Oak Forests in Northwestern Ohio

Scott R. Abella, LaRae A. Sprow, and Timothy A. Schetter, August 2021


Direct and Indirect Effects of Fire on Eastern Box Turtles

Katie A. Harris, Joseph D. Clark, R. Dwayne Elmore, Craig A. Harper, 2020


Pyroaerobiology: the aerosolization and transport of viable microbial life by wildland fire

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Prescribed fire promotes acorn survival and seedling emergence from simulated caches

Skye M. Greenler, Robert K. Swihart, and Michael R. Saunders, 2020 


Vegetation response to canopy disturbance and season of burn during oak woodland and savanna restoration in Tennessee

Andrew L. Vander Yacht, Seth A. Barrioz, Patrick D. Keyser, Craig A. Harper, David S. Buckley, David A. Buehler, and Roger D. Applegate, 2020